Photo Releases
Year 2019
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   EXIM Thailand Visits Rubber Product and Palm Oil Exporter in EEC Area 17 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Celebrates Successful Issuance of US$ 300 Million Floating Rate Notes 15 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Leads Thai Entrepreneur to Visit Air-conditioning Manufacturer Creating Thai-Filipino Trade Opportunities 11 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Global Network of Export-Import Banks Assembly 10 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Participates in a Well-wishing TV Program on Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother’s Birthday 9 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Participates in a Well-wishing TV Program on His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday 9 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Holds Trade Management Excellence Program for Thai Exporters 9 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Thai Ambassador to the Philippines Discussing Ways to Promote Thai-Filipino Trade and Investment 8 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Holds Workshop on 5-year Enterprise Plan (2020-2014) and Business Plan 2020 6 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Hands with Ghana Export-Import Bank to Promote Thailand-Ghana Trade and Investment 5 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Smart SME Expo 4 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Plants Yellow Star Trees in Honor of His Majesty the King’s Coronation and Birthday in 2019 4 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates 145th Anniversary of the Customs Department 4 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Discusses Ways to Promote Thai Businesses with BBVA 3 July 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Extends Service Availability Period of EXIM Special Zone Credit 27 June 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Asia Green Energy’s Investment in Lighter Fleet to Promote Thai Maritime Potential 24 June 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Joins a Discussion on Cross-border Credit Information Sharing to Increase Thai Entrepreneurs’ Potential 21 June 2019 
   EXIM Thailand and National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry, Co-organized Potential Enhancement Program for Export-oriented Food Entrepreneurs 21 June 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Supports Thai Entrepreneurs in Improving Production Efficiency with Robots and Digital Technology 20 June 2019 
   EXIM Thailand Holds a Seminar to Enhance Knowledge of New Generation SME Entrepreneurs’ Knowledge on Supply Chain Management 19 June 2019 
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