Photo Releases
Year 2018
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   EXIM Thailand Welcomes OPIC Delegates from USA 17 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Forces with SME Development Bank and Board of Trade of Thailand in a Mobile Export Advisory Project for SMEs 13 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Welcomes Delegation of Nation-Building Institute’s Executive Program for Nation Building 9 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Received the “Best Design Excellence Award” at Money Expo 2018 6 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Opens Booth at Smart SME Expo 2018 6 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Supports Training Program for Teachers and Staff of Educational Institutes 5 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates 144th Anniversary of Customs Department 4 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Supports Phayathai District’s CCTV Network Project 3 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Supports the Construction of Ruam Tang Fun Building of the Foundation for Support and Development of Disabled Persons Thailand in Nonthaburi 2 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates New Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance 29 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates New Director-General of Public Debt Management Office 28 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Seminar to Promote CLMVT Trade and Investment 28 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Offers “CLM Trade Insurance” to Thai SMEs in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar Markets 28 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Jointly Held Training Course to Promote E-Trading on 27 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Welcomes Delegation from Bhutanese Ministry of Economic Affairs 21 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand and Loxley PCL Co-develop e-Trading Platform 20 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits YEN-D Vietnam Entrepreneurs 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Thai Business (Vietnam) Association 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Office of Commercial Affairs in Hanoi 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Royal Thai Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City 14 June 2018 
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