Press Release
Year 2018
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   EXIM Thailand Officially Opens Vientiane Representative Office to Respond to Government Policy of Promoting CLMVT Trade and Investment Connectivity 30 November 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits India to Promote Exchange of Trade and Investment Know-how, New Frontier Strategies and Thai-Indian Businesses 27 November 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Hosts 24th AEBF Annual Meeting in Phuket to Ensure Thai and Asian Exporters and Investors’ Readiness for Industry 4.0 15 November 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Gissco’s Production and Export of Metal Casting Machinery to Sharpen Thai SMEs’ Global Competitiveness through Product Innovation 8 November 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Appoints Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy Department 1 November 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Announces Operating Results for January-September 2018 Enhancing Support for Thai Entrepreneurs’ Trade and Investment Expansion Globally 29 October 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Fosters Collaboration with Export Development Canada to Boost Thai-Canadian Trade and Investment and Launches Post-shipment Revolving Credit for SMEs Secured by Export Credit Insurance Policy 25 October 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Solar Rooftop Projects for Sustainable Renewable Energy Promotion and National Development 27 September 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Bangkok Airways’ Acquisition of Aircraft to Serve Route Expansion and Economic Growth in Asia 26 September 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Alerts Thai Entrepreneurs of Cybercrime Risks 12 September 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Polyplex Group’s Construction of New PET Film Plant in Indonesia 6 September 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Expands Scope of Trade and Investment Insurance Services While Helping Thai Businesses to Penetrate African Markets 4 September 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Offers Special Deals to Promote African Market Penetration and Thai-Kenyan Trade and Investment 28 August 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Launches Liquidity Enhancement and Foreign Exchange Risk Hedging Facilities for Medium Exporters to Drive Thai Export Growth 23 August 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Appoints Head of EXIM Excellence Academy 6 August 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Predicts Thai Export Growth in 2018 amid Rising Risks Assisting Thai Entrepreneurs in Forging ahead with New Market Penetration and Product Innovations 25 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Clarifies Support for Xe Pian-Xe Nam Noy Hydropower Dam in Laos 25 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Inaugurates its Vientiane Representative Office Today Ready to Support Thai-Lao Trade and Investment 24 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Appoints Heads of Accounting Department and Corporate Investment Department 4 July 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Explores Ways to Boost Thailand-Vietnam Trade and Investment Considering Feasibility of Setting up Representative Office in Vietnam 14 June 2018 
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