EXIM Thailand’s Services in Support of the Government’s Economic Stimulus Policy

Buyer’s PLUS Supplier’s Credit

1. To boost purchasing power of buyers within ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) buying goods or services from EXIM Thailand.
2. To create opportunities and enhance competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs in relation to their competitors overseas.
Key features
A financial package arranged for Thai exporters to offer to their foreign counterparts interested in buying Thai goods and services.
Type of credit facilities
1. Buyer’s credit: Long-term loan for overseas buyers in an amount of not over 85% of the value of Thai goods and services
2. Supplier’s credit: Short-term loan for Thai exporters, comprising working capital and letter of guarantee
1. Buyer’s Credit
The applicant must be an overseas government, private agency or bank in the buyer’s country which has sound debt servicing capability.
The applicant must be located in an ASEAN country and purchase goods or services from Thailand.
The loan disbursed must be payable directly to the exporter of goods or services.
2. Supplier’s Credit
The applicant must be an exporter engaging in business in Thailand.
The applicant must have experience in exporting goods or services or overseas work engagement with sound financial status.
The letter of guarantee must be issued by EXIM Thailand.
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