EXIM Instant Credit

Instant SMEs Export Insurance

A new facility “Instant SMEs Export Insurance” aims to safeguard SME exporters against non-payment risk by overseas buyers targeting:
SMEs planning to or ready to export their goods with small to moderate shipment value receiving orders on a sporadic basis.
SMEs planning to attend trade fairs overseas to raise orders from new buyers.
Key Features
Easy Application
Quick Approval within 1 day
Instant Coverage up to 1 million
Insurance Holder: Must be a juristic person registered in Thailand.
Payment Terms: D/P, D/A and O/A not exceeding 90 days after shipment date.
Countries of Coverage: More than 135 countries around the world.
Rate of Indemnity: 85% of loss realized.
Premium Rate: 3,000 baht per buyer.
Goods under Coverage: All types of legitimate goods.

Scope of Coverage
Commercial Risks
Buyer insolvency/bankruptcy
Buyer refusal to pay for goods sold
Political Risks
Restriction on hard currency remittance
New regulation prohibiting importation
Occurrence of war, riot, revolution or coup d’état
Maximum liability up to 1,000,000 million baht
Coverage 500,000 baht per buyer
Claim Payment Period
Buyer insolvency/bankruptcy: immediately upon receipt of evidence.
Buyer refusal to pay: within 120 days from the date of submitting complete claim application.
Others: within 120 days from the date of submitting complete claim application.
Remark: Other coverage details and conditions apply.
Required Documents
1. A certified copy of certificate of incorporation
2. List of shareholders’ names
3. Certificate of rubber stamp
4. ID cards and house registrations of authorized directors
5. Other documents as required by the Bank