Financial Facilities

Export Credit Insurance and Investment Insurance

Buyer/Bank Risk Assessment Report (BRA)

To check the credit information of each buyer/issuing bank. EXIM Thailand will purchase the credit information from Credit Information Agency located in each country. After receiving information of each buyer/issuing bank, EXIM Thailand will analyze and assess the information and then make the report to exporters.
Details in the Report
Name, address, business line, establishment, number of employees
Trend of buyer/issuing bank business
Payment records through EXIM Thailand (If any)
Credit Ranking by EXIM Thailand
Comment from EXIM Thailand analyst. For example, the appropriate credit and terms of payment
Based on the information provided, exporter will be able to make an assessment on appropriate buyer/bank creditworthiness regarding credit limit and term of payment. Exporters who desire to make a new credit export insurance policy can waive the buyers/issuing banks credit information fees if those have been checked by BRA service. (not exceeding 3 months)
3,200 baht/buyers or issuing bank
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