Financial Facilities

Export Credit

A revolving line of credit provided in baht, US dollar or yen to exporters of all kinds of products to meet their pre-shipment financial needs. (The Yen-denominated facility is available to exporters possessing letter of credit (L/C), contract or purchase order (P/O) in yen only.) Exporter can use USD or Yen-denominated proceeds to repay loan extended in the same currency without converting into Thai baht, thereby eliminating foreign exchange risks.
Once a credit line is established and a credit agreement signed, exporter can obtain financing using L/C, contract or P/O as evidence of drawdown.
For each drawdown, exporter must issue a promissory note (P/N) in an amount equal to the drawdown amount and in the same currency specified in the credit agreement. The term of repayment normally does not exceed 120 days.
After goods are shipped out, exporter can discount export bills with EXIM Thailand using the proceeds to settle the P/N debt while retaining the balance, which in the case of US dollar or yen will be converted to baht before payment to exporter.
This is a revolving facility. Any amount repaid will be available for drawdown against other purchasing documents as specified.
Required Documents
Export History
L/C, contract or P/O
Certificate of company registration
Company's financial statement and bank statement
Collateral documents
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