Financial Facilities

Financing Facilities for Import

An L/C issuing facility or money transfer service to support the import of merchandise from supplier in one country for re-exporting to buyer in another country, which will help enhance Thailand's potential to become a regional trade center. Under this facility, Exim Thailand also providers short-term credit to re-exporters. This facility has a repayment schedule corresponding with the due dates of export payment.
EXIM Thailand establishes a credit line or provides money transfer service under this facility.
Upon an exporter’s request, EXIM Thailand opens L/C to support the purchase of merchandise from suppliers’ countries for re-exporting to buyers’ countries, according to the P/O or L/C received by the exporter.
The facility has a repayment period corresponding with payment terms.
Required Documents
Export or Import history
L/C, contract or P/O
Certificate of company registration
Company’s financial statement and bank statement
Collateral documents
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