Financial Facilities

Buyer's Credit

Types of Service
1. Medium- to Long-term Credit Facility provided to overseas buyers to promote the import of goods and/or services from Thailand.

2. Short- to Long-term Credit Facilities provided to overseas banks to enhance the competitiveness of Thai exporters and Thai investors overseas. The facilities comprise :

Revolving Trade Financing Facility which is a short-term credit facility extended to buyer’s bank, enabling the bank to offer a trust receipt to buyer of Thai exports and/or services;
Long-term Financing Facility provided to buyer’s bank to finance buyer’s purchase of Thai capital goods and/or services; and
Re-lending Facility which is a long-term financing service available to overseas banks for relending to Thai investment projects overseas.
Increase foreign buyers’ purchasing power and access to funding for buying goods or services from Thailand
Increase competitive edge in foreign countries
Reduce risk of non payment from buyers
Increase liquidity/working capital
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