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Export Bill under L/C

EXIM Thailand provides export bill collection or negotiation services to exporters having presented post-shipment export documents to the Bank. Prior to payment collection from L/C issuing bank overseas, the Bank examines export documents to ensure that they comply with L/C conditions.
Key Features
The service is available for export bills under L/C only.
If submitted before 11 a.m., export bills can be negotiated with proceeds transferred into exporter’s bank account within the same day.
For export bills negotiated at sight bill rate, a 7-day interest-free period is applied, i.e., no interest will be charged if the L/C issuing bank makes payment within 7 days. Otherwise, interest will be charged from the 8th day until the date of full payment.
For bill collection, the Bank will transfer proceeds collected from L/C issuing bank overseas into exporter’s account with EXIM Thailand using T/T rate.
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Request for Collection or Negotiation/Discount of Export Bill(s) Drawn under Letter of Credit
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