Financial Facilities

Export Bill for Collection (B/C)

Under the Export Bill for Collection (B/C) service, EXIM Thailand forwards export documents to buyers overseas via their representative bank for proceeds collection. Exporter’s instruction will be strictly followed. Two types of payment terms apply: D/P (Documents against Payment) and D/A (Documents against Acceptance).
Required Information
Name and address of overseas buyer’s representative bank in full detail.
Exporter’s instructions under the Application for Collection or Negotiation/ Discount of Export Bill(s) Form.
Service Highlights
For export bills submitted before 11 a.m., the Bank can purchase the bills and deposit money into the exporter’s bank account within the same day.
Customer must have credit line under D/P or D/A with EXIM Thailand.
For export bills negotiated at sight bill rate, a 7-day interest-free period is applied, i.e., no interest will be charged if the L/C issuing bank makes payment within 7 days. Otherwise, interest will be charged from the 8th day until the date of full payment.
For bill collection, the Bank will transfer proceeds collected from L/C issuing bank overseas into exporter’s account at EXIM Thailand using T/T rate.
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